How To Give An Acceptance Speech

Will This Be Your Most Memorable Speech …
Or Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

It Doesn’t Matter What You Call It …

  • Acceptance Speech
  • Thank You Speech
  • Award Speech

“The People In The Audience Are Going To Judge You By How You Made Them Feel.”

“You Could Hire A Professional Speech Writer!

But Why Pay Thousands of Dollars

When You Can Write A Much Better Speech Yourself

In Less Than One Hour?”

Discover secrets like …

  • How to write your acceptance speech in 60 minutes or less.
  • The seven components of a killer acceptance speech and why you can’t exclude any of them.
  • How to get the audience to laugh without telling a joke.
  • How to give a fantastic speech without reading it.
  • My simple technique to eliminate the fear of speaking.
  • What to say (and not say) if you don’t feel you deserve the award.
  • How to insure the audience applauds before, during and after your speech.
  • Using your acceptance speech to sell yourself without a hint of sales talk.
  • Five simple things you can do to make the audience like you.
  • How to avoid the four biggest pitfalls that will destroy your relationship with the audience.
  • Why a simple acceptance speech is the kind of speech executives pray for.
  • If, when and why you should mention names, and the benefits and consequences of doing so.
  • How to effectively rehearse your speech to insure it flows flawlessly.

What Ever You Do …

Don’t Make These 3 Deadly Mistakes

1. You don’t want to do nothing and say what comes to mind when you stand before the audience and behind the microphone. That never works.

2. You don’t want to procrastinate and wait until the day of your speech to write, organize and rehearse it.

3. You don’t want to pay the high price of learning from your own mistakes, especially when you don’t have to. Learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others and save yourself the embarrassment! This speaking opportunity is too big to chalk up to experience.


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Write A Killer Acceptance Speech in 60 Minutes

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I’m going to show you how to:

  • Gather your thoughts quickly.
  • Organize them into an easy to remember format.
  • Add emotion, humor and authenticity.
  • And give the speech of a lifetime.

Still Not Persuaded?

Take a moment and watch video 2 of this 10 video series and see for yourself why so many people want to take advantage of my personal acceptance speech coaching. Then decide if you want this to be an easy, pain free and rewarding task, or something much different.

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